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embodying the easy breezy lifestyle of the canary islands, a place steeped in personal history and sentimental connection, cloudi draws limitless creative inspiration from island living, knitwear infused with luxurious lightweight yarns of natural Italian fibres like linen, cotton, viscose and silk, drop stitch techniques and ribbing to create space and allow your skin to breathe - we embrace with elements of wind, sea, sun and fire through the knoga knitwear way of dressing and moving, full of bohemian-esque pieces that will effortlessly take you from the beach to the bustle, warm, rustic hues to complement your sunkissed silouhette, this summertime release pays homage to our second home of lanzarote, and with its dramatic landscapes and lapping ocean surrounds, this is all about feeling feminine, sexy and free whilst you wind down the pace a notch or two on island time...

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