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New Hampshire 2023


we had the most epic time creating and experiencing our rewilding retreat at bethel farm in USA


thank you to everyone that came for organic farm grown food, campfires, origami, cyanotypes, running barefoot in the rain, sensory sauna meditation, restorative eye pillow yoga, laughter, newts, mushrooms 🍄 beavers 🦫 and moose prints


we had the most memorable and special time with this wonderful group of wild beings 🧚 


thank you to everyone that joined and brought special magic to our rewilding retreat - you can see so many snippets of sparkle here, you can imagine how amazing it was to be there in the woods barefoot, pondering beaver marks chomping at stumps 🦫 making cyanotypes and origami, yoga nidra 💤 campfires, sauna, organic food, sound bowls, massage 💆🏼‍♀️ 

pete's review

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