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come and connect to you

leaving your world behind,

carving out moments of deep rest,

stillness amongst the waves of life

and space to listen to the messages

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moon meditations at

The Tinker's Granddaughter


join cloudi on selected fridays to tune into the moon’s transits and messages as a group

we will explore:


moon phases

astro messages

guided meditations

gentle movement

sensory support



yin + swim

with cloudi in beaulieu

join cloudi on monday evening's for a renewing yin yoga session followed by a gentle indoor swim, perfect for restoring your body and refreshing your mind; herbal tea included <3

we will explore:


gentle stretches

longer poses

guided meditations

swimming in the warm

laughter and relaxation

herbal tea


river flows

with cloudi in beaulieu

join cloudi on sunday morning's for a yoga flow on the river's edge in Beaulieu, expect the wind on your skin, the sun on your face, and feel good movement for your body as we flow through some asana sequences together in beautiful nature


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class schedule

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  • moon meditations


    10 British pounds

  • Mon

    15 British pounds

  • Sun

    10 British pounds
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